Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are we there yet?

Chick chick chickies

We only have seven weigh-ins left.  

Seven short weeks to wack off the wiggles and tighten up the jiggles.

If you've been slacking, you might want to think about kicking it up a notch or two or three or four.

Megan has pumped up her game...let's follow her lead.

Don't let the crappy weather get you down.  Take control and get moving!


Yes I've been missing in action these past few weeks.  As the summer gets closer (summer meaning the season not schools out) I fear it will get busier.  I am getting the stats posted although we've been missing a few of you too.  The only thing I hope is that everyone is still motivated and working those little buns off!

If you need a little kick~Megan has reached her goal weight!  YEE HAW!!!! Big kudos to her...and she's still going strong.  She may be thinking smaller and so she's not out of the runnings for sexiest chick.

Hopefully we'll see EVERYBODY Thursday at the weigh in.

Keep losing you chickies!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alright guys! Only 4 of us made it to the weigh in today! I guess the rest of you are getting a head start on the long weekend! We'll see you next week!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

#1 and #2

Since the only people that matter are first and second ;P  the winners thus far

Mariah at 6.2% body weight lost
Michelle gaining fast at 5.1% body weight lost

Yeah, I know!!!  Gaining fast doesn't make any sense.  Check your e mail for the attachments which contains the entire spreadsheet and the calling tree.

Keep it up LOSER CHICKS!!!!!  I sure am loving you guys.  It's so fun to see everybody each week.  New friends are definitely fun.

Workout days for next week have been requested.  Monday Wednesday and Friday?  I vote for Tuesday Thursday and Saturday so that we can go either before or after weigh in.  I'm all for working out before weigh in on Thursday.  Any takers?

Tuesday morning 6 am at Rock Flat (Crystal and Nichole's houses) is walking.  We have a nice quiet street with pavement and a slight hill to work off those thighs.  Contact Crystal for details.

The Standings Are Coming

Today yes today....stay tuned

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who's ahead?

Mariah is down 5.6% of her starting weight

Katie is down 4.5% of her starting weight
Michelle is down 4.2% of her starting weight

1...2...3... you chicks are AWESOME!!!!!!  Keep working~

I'm sending another e mail with current stat sheet so check your inbox 
and make sure my e mail is not going to your junk mail.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome Chicks!!!

If you've found us and you are in the Chicks Weight Loss Group and want to be able to access the Top Secret Intelligence report (where our pictures and results and stats are kept) please get your e mail address registered.  I don't want anybody and everybody to be able to access weights (that's our business right?) and such.  If you can't figure out how to become a contributor by registering your e mail address, please contact me right away! (see the list on the left side of the page under "get there from here" can access an invite only page through private stats)

I'm so excited to have such a big group and look forward to the fierce competition ;)

Please remember we're working on becoming healthy, not just going without food and punishing ourselves in the name of money.  I would think that would be (as the scriptures say) "the love of money" which God commands us against.

As the weater gets warmer we'll be setting up work outs together because we ALL KNOW that exercise is a huge key in keeping ourselves healthy.  I know we can use the middle school track when school is out.  I have a road next to my house with NO traffic so kids and dogs can run free.  I'd love to do some swimming and racquetball tournaments and basketball and volleyball.  There are tennis courts and wouldn't a hike or two or three or more into the mountains be a blast!

We'd love everyone to share a recipe or two or three or more that they love (CARRIE R!!! chef extraordinare) that is healthy, low fat, family friendly.

I think, with such a big group, it will be easy to remain anonymous and that is TOTALLY against the point of the group.  We want to be friends and confidantes and a team.  So I suggest everyone share a bit about themselves and their family asap.

Welcome! to everyone and let's get healthy ... oh yeah, and win some money ;P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stumbled upon...for fun...

Hey Chicks!

Check out the fun stuff these women put on their blog.

Let's rock and roll so strangers can wander into our little world.

Last Call!

Only three more days to get your money in!!!! I have Megan and Darlene paid and accounted for. That adds to the list below. We are now up to $450. Tell your friends that this is the last call! Those who are putting in but haven't yet, come with your money on Thursday!

So, on another note, I have been discouraged, because I have stopped losing weight. I keep fluctuating between a few pounds. Well, I read an article about throwing out negative or comfortable thoughts. What that means is you have got to stop thinking the way you always have. You have got to set attainable goals. Have long term, but set short term goals you can see quickly. For instance, If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, you know you can't see that within a couple of weeks, but you can see yourself cutting out late night snacks for one week! This will help you lose something. If you set a goal to lose one pound a week, that is so possible, especially if you have a plan in mind. With every goal you have to have positive affirmations and changes. You can't set a goal without change. This has helped me, because, today I am refocused! I am going to pick up my workout pace and start reaching for my water every time I want something that is not what I need to eat. Good luck.